Rage Against The Machine 2019 Reunion Finally Revealed


Tom Morello revealed an emotional new Rage Against The Machine reunion photo of the band’s crew on his Instagram page.

“What a reunion! #RATM’s original guitar tech (the long suffering @slimrichardson1) and #RATM’s original tour manager/soundman/trainspotting Yoda, Roger Patterson. Feels like only yesterday we were rolling around Europe in a freezing cold urine stenched hash hazed metal blasting sweaty clothes draped drunk driven tour bus.”

One fan commented, “Now time to reunite with some other persons from RATM ❤️”

Another commented, “Get em all together Tom.”

Morello also revealed a photo of Tim Commerford at a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

He wrote about Bruce Springsteen in another recent post, “41 years ago today this absolute masterpiece of an album came out. My favorite @springsteen album (along with Nebraska) and a testament to the power & depth that rock n roll can achieve. Additionally it’s Bruce’s greatest record as a guitar soloist, incredible playing. And lastly, how did he transcribe my internal emotional state to write Adam Raised A Cain?”

Morello also posted, “I supported LA teachers during their strike. Parents, students and community rallied for public education. I witnessed more than 80,000 teachers and their supporters at Grand Park, calling out for a reinvestment in all our public schools. My MOM was a public high school teacher for 30 years! Now comes the voters’ turn. Vote YES on Measure EE on June 4! The future of public education depends on it. #YesonEE #UTLA