Ozzy Osbourne Family ‘Scared’ After Alcohol Meltdown


While Ozzy Osbourne has faced his demons himself over the years, his daughter Kelly Osbourne has also struggled with addiction, but she is now nearly 2 years sober.

“I am [in a great place],” the 34-year-old reality star told British TV show Lorraine on Thursday, via People. “I am almost two years sober and it’s completely changed my life.”

With this has come a growth in self-confidence — and a realization that life’s problems can’t miraculously be swept away through self-medicating with drugs and alcohol.

“I didn’t think I could do anything if I wasn’t drunk or high, because I was scared of everything. I let it get the better of me,” said Kelly, who’s in London ahead of hosting the 2019 British LGBT Awards on Friday.

“Now seeing that I don’t need that, and my life is better. … I don’t have any drama in my life. I have accepted the fact that — and I know I have said this throughout my whole life, but I really understand it now — that I am not perfect, and I am never going to be, and I don’t want to be.”

She also discussed her issues with drugs and alcohol after Demi Lovato overdosed last summer.

“I gave up on everything in my life but most of all I gave up on myself,” she wrote on Instagram. “Life on life’s terms became too much for me to handle.”