AC/DC Member Disgusting Backstage Photo Revealed


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade recently revealed a hilarious backstage photo of himself disgustingly picking the nose of a mannequin head. Slade is currently touring with his high acclaimed band The Chris Slade Timeline.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our awesome sound person Roxane Boillod from everyone at THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE HQ⚡ — with James Cornford, Michael Clark, Bun Davis, Steve Glasscock, Roxane Boillod and Christine Gyford Ceasar.”

Slade discussed joining AC/DC for his first run in 1989 in a recent Antihero interview.

ANTIHERO: You first joined AC/DC in November 1989, how was that process? Was that a day that remains clearly in the memory? Was it just another audition given that you were already familiar with playing with musical legends?

Chris Slade: I haven’t had many auditions in my life but that was one of a few, Pagey phoned and asked me to play with him and so did Gilmour, Moore, and Manfred Mann, along with just about everyone else. The AC/DC guys had no idea that I was so experienced, (I played Madison Square Gardens for a week with Tom Jones in the mid 60’s using The Count Basie Orchestra).

While we were recording “Razors Edge”, Malcolm and Angus actually said, ‘we had no idea you’d been playing with other people before, we thought you were sort of starting out’. I had auditioned against 100 top, top drummers and I was the last one because they called my home phone before I had driven the hour from rehearsal place to back home.