Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Why Layne Staley’s ‘Demons’ Were ‘A Shame’


Rolling Stone has posted a new Top 10 Favorite Metal albums article from former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. His picks include Alice in ChainsFacelift, Motorhead‘s Ace of Spades, and Megadeth‘s Rust in Peace.

Writing about Facelift, Osbourne calls the album an “amazing debut.” “‘Man in the Box’ is a classic,” says Ozzy. “Layne Staley was a lovely guy. It’s such a shame that he couldn’t overcome his demons.”

As for Ace of Spades, Ozzy says the title track is to Motorhead what “Paranoid” was to Black Sabbath. “It’s one of the great metal anthems,” he writes. “To me, a band hasn’t made it until they have their own anthem. This is theirs.”

Rust in Peace, meanwhile, was the album that made Megadeth click with Osbourne. “I never realized how good this band was until I heard this album,” says Ozzy.

He said regarding Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, “One of the greatest debut albums of all time. There’s not a weak song in the bunch. I never get tired of hearing it.”

Last week, Rolling Stone shared its list of “The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time.”

Here are Ozzy Osbourne’s 10 favorite metal albums, in alphabetical order:

AC/DC — Highway to Hell
Alice in Chains — Facelift
Guns N’ Roses — Appetite for Destruction
Judas Priest — British Steel
Led Zeppelin — Led Zeppelin IV
Megadeth — Rust in Peace
Metallica — Master of Puppets
Motorhead — Ace of Spades
Pantera — Cowboys from Hell
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe