Ozzy Osbourne Wife Drops Sad Johnny Depp Bombshell


Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne said on TalkTV about Johnny Depp beating Amber Heard in court, saying she thought he’d lose, “Wow, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I mean, I wanted Johnny to win but I didn’t expect him to.”

The paparazzi are always after the rich and famous. In fact, not only are they after the rich and famous, but they have also started to go after influencers as well making their workdays that much longer. No matter who you are or if you are no longer at the peak of your career – the paparazzi always seems to find a way to find someone. This looked to be the case for Sharon Osbourne as the paparazzi found her to take tons of photos of her.

While most stars would be offended by those who stalk them to take photos of them – Sharon Osbourne welcomed the two photographers with open arms as she took a photo with them. Maybe Sharon is pulling some type of reverse psychology on the paparazzi in terms of, if she’s welcoming to them and able to take photos for them, then they’ll stop.

This is all still to be seen as this seems to be one of the very first times that Sharon has embraced the paparazzi. We need not remind any of our readers just how the paparazzi have treated stars in the past. On the flip side, we have seen just how the stars have treated the photographers who make their living through those who are rich and famous.

It seems like Sharon Osbourne is trying to paint herself in a certain light with the photo that she put on her social media with the two photographers. Behind the scenes, Sharon has not really ever been seen by her haters as a nice person. A quick search can bring up so many stories about her years where she was unbearable for some. We will have to see if this trend continues with Sharon or if other stars start to embrace their paparazzi on the streets as well.