Ozzy Osbourne Wife Savagely Calls Out Mick Jagger


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne called out the failure of The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger’s solo career compared to Ozzy’s in a new interview. Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently reacted to the reported amount of money they have. An iconic The Rolling Stones member recently called out a surprising Mick Jagger lie.

She told Celebrity Access, “Listen Ozzy has been playing for 51 years now, and he’s been always touring. It is what Ozzy does. There is only one Ozzy. There’s only one person who looks like him and sounds like him. That voice is instantly identifiable. And that’s it. He’s unique. And he’s one of the few guys, like I said before, who has ever left a successful band and has gone on to do just as successfully on his own. Even Mick Jagger couldn’t do it.”

The interviewer said, “The closest might be Rod Stewart who went through different bands leading up to the Faces.”

Sharon responded, “He did but he was always really Rod, and he wasn’t in a successful band. What successful band did he come from?”

Jagger reacted to a screwup NFL call at the home of the New Orleans Saints at the band’s show on Monday night.

“We just walked past the 10th yard line. Let’s hope there’s not another no-call.”

Jagger apologized for canceling The Rolling Stones’ performance at Jazz Fest due to his heart surgery. “I’m very sorry we missed the Jazz Fest,” he said. “I’m sure it was great. I heard it was great.”

A legendary The Rolling Stones icon recently revealed how he was disrespected at a big name funeral.