Papa Roach Attacked By Ozzy Osbourne Wife


As meme-worthy as it was, Papa Roach had quite the success with their 2000 album ‘Infest’. The album, which features the infamous single ‘Last Resort would go on to sell more than seven million copies worldwide with three million in the United States, and would be the group’s best-selling album to date.

The popularity of the band during the early 2000s would be why they were asked to play Ozzfest. During an interview that took place with Metal Hammer, Papa Roach frontman, Jacoby Shaddix revealed how he tried to get away from the venue in the trunk of a car after it was destroyed by rowdy fans. After this was unsucessful, he turned himself into the police where he was met by Sharon Osbourne, who was berating him. Shaddix contends that dealing with Osbourne was worse than dealing with the police. Credit to the outlet for the following.

It was recently reported that Sharon Osbourne recruited the ‘replacement’ for this big name. “She cursed me out. Rightfully she was pi**ed as f*** because the fans destroyed the venue, it was a f***ing disaster. Slipknot and Ozzy still had to play and the place was in a shambles. I tried to leave it inside the trunk of a car, but they found out and I had to turn myself into the cops. Then I had to go sit with Sharon in the office and she just cursed me and I was just like, ‘I am so sorry, I will never do this again.’

“I think if I’d just dealt with the cops and paid the money off, I’d have been like, ‘F*** it, whatever.’ I would have carried on just numb-skulling. But I had this verbal assassination from Mrs. Osbourne. Don’t f*** with Sharon.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Shaddix discussed and reflected upon the nu-metal scene and how he feels about it now. The Papa Roach frontman would follow up with the below comments.

“It was a new interpretation of what metal music could be and we were pulling inspiration from all over the place. Ministry was an influence, Faith No More was an influence. They were like the OGs of nu-metal. They hate to own it, but they are. Mike Patton, you f***ing motherf***er, you started it.”