Aerosmith Heartbreaking Car Accident Revealed


Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer was involved in a terrible car accident in 1998 when his Ferrari went up in flames at a gas station, and now photos of his Ferrari’s burned hood have resurfaced 20 years later. The hood is being sold for $1,895. Don Bennett is selling the hood, saying it’s a piece of rock memorabilia that would fit in at a rock bar. Steven Tyler was furious earlier this week when a man was caught filming him.

MTV reported in 1998, “Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer narrowly escaped serious injury when his Ferrari convertible caught on fire at a gas station not too far from his Boston-area home.

Kramer suffered minor burns to his hands, arms and one leg after a leak in the gas tank hose caused the fuel to ignite. The accident happened around 6 PM Wednesday as Kramer was gassing up near the town of Scituate on Route 3 south of Boston.

Kramer sustained the most serious burn to his arm and hand as he shielded his face from the flames. He was treated at a hospital emergency ward and released. Band manager Wendy Laister told reporters that the drummer is expected to take about two weeks to recover and confirmed that he will not miss any tour dates.”

You can click here to see Don Bennett’s listing for the hood. Steven Tyler recently announced a terrible injury Joey Kramer has suffered that has led to him missing east coast Aerosmith tour dates.