Paul McCartney Alleged Favorite Drug Revealed


The Beatles former fan club secretary Freda Kelly discussed Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and more in a Reddit AMA.

Early on, did you find members of the band very politically driven?

“No. When we were just teen-agers, we weren’t discussing politics (although we were all Labor party then until the Tax Man came along. And then George wrote the song “Tax Man” and complained about Labor and the Conservative party).” — FredaAndRyan

How open were they about the use of LSD? I know Lennon took it.

“They were very open about LSD. Paul signed a petition for one of our national papers supporting it.”

What is something that most people would not know about The Beatles but you think should?

“They came home on a regular basis for family celebrations, weddings and christenings, Paul had so many relations he was back in Liverpool more than the others and still is. And they all lived at home up until they moved to London (even when they had the number one record in the world).” — FredaAndRyan

Do you have any stories of members of the band playing pranks on each other or yourself?

“A few months after Ringo joined the band, I went to see them perform in a theatre, and before I went to see them I decided I was going to shout a request to Ringo to sing ‘Boys,’ but I didn’t know that someone had already told them I was going to do that. I was shouting it out for Ringo because he was not getting as many requests as the other three. But when I did shout the request, Ringo knew it was me, stood up from his drum seat and he told me to sit down and be quiet. He said something like “oh sit down Kelly.” So I didn’t come out from under my seat until the show ended out of embarrassment.” — FredaAndRyan