Paul McCartney & Bono Bank Payments Revealed


The taxman is coming for Sir Paul McCartney as The Daily Mail is reporting the English legend and co-founder of The Beatles has retained his spot on the list of Britain and Ireland’s richest musicians as ranked by The Sunday Times Music Rich List. McCartney will see a sizable increase in net worth, as he is worth £45m more than he was the year previously. This is most likely in part due to the release of The Beatles: Get Back documentary and his ‘Got Back’ tour, which was delayed due to a worldwide global pandemic. Speaking of that tour, concerns were raised recently regarding ticket prices. In second place sees Irish rock band U2 who has an overall wealth of £625 million.

In other news regarding Paul McCartney, during a recent interview with the Central Fife Times, the man nicknamed ‘Macca’ touched on certain insecurities he has while performing shows. McCartney would state that he has a recurring dream in which the audience leaves his set if he plays a lesser-known song. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“The trouble with that though, is there’s always the eternal dilemma of what do you take out, knowing the audiences want to hear the hits so you’ve got to balance it very carefully. You’re taking out something they know very well and putting in something they don’t necessarily know, and I’m always dreading that’s the signal for them to go get a beer.

He would continue: “It’s a recurring dream of mine: I’m playing and people start walking out, and I’m trying to think of a song that will get them back – ‘do Long Tall Sally, quick!’ – but they keep walking – ‘let’s do Yesterday!’ – it’s typical performer’s insecurities. I’d like to do a whole show of new songs but that’s for the anoraks in the crowd, that’s for the deep fans.”