Tool Perform With Surprising Singer In Budapest


Tool have been known for a long time to do what is usually said to be outside the box by many. There really are not many bands that do what Tool does. Tool have no problems with showing up to schools, colleges, and even other band’s shows to support them. While many other bands show up to boost their own credit, Tool does this as a supporting statement rather than making themselves the focal point. We recently saw this to yet again be very true.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the outfit called ‘Brass Against,’ I would like to introduce you to them. The classic stylings heard in this band are plentiful. They take some of the hottest songs ever made and turn them into an orchestral dream. The band themselves are chock full of talent and really don’t need any additional help from larger artists. However, it’s always quite the treat when a larger artist notices the hard work and dedication put into such works.

Enter Adam Jones, Justin Chancelor, and Danny Carey of Tool. These three are possibly the most outgoing stars around and of course, we expect someone of Maynard James Keenan’s stature to sit behind the scenes more-so than the other members.

This story starts with Budapest as Brass Against were playing a set supporting Tool and the three members (sans Maynard) came up to support their craft by lending a hand during a rendition of the classic song, Stinkfist, with the band performing the song without Maynard James Keenan. Fans on Reddit raved about this and asked one another if this was a usual thing. Much to the shock of many; this isn’t a regular occurrence, rather a more once in a lifetime event that is truly memorable and must be taken into high regard for years to come.

We currently await any audio or video from the event.