Paul McCartney Brutally ‘Humiliated’ By Jon Bon Jovi


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney is one of the highest grossing touring acts of the 2010’s, but sadly he was beaten by Jon Bon Jovi. Paul McCartney made an ’embarrassing’ Neil Young claim a few days ago.

Eric Alper tweeted the list, “Highest-Grossing Artists of the 2010s: U2 – $1,038,104,132 gross, The Rolling Stones – $929M, Ed Sheeran – $922M, Taylor Swift – $899M, Beyoncé – $857M, Bon Jovi – $836M, Paul McCartney – $813M, Coldplay – $731M, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – $729M, and Roger Waters – $702M.”

Trenobus posted, “Recording technology was advancing rapidly in the 60’s. The group in question would have to be experimental enough to try the new techniques that were becoming available, and master them, without getting so far out as to leave the mass market behind. And it would have to do this without the inspiration of the Beatles.

I have no idea what group would have filled that role, but change was in the air in the 60’s, both musically and politically. There was going to be some new music, one way or another.”

Eviltimeban said, “Someone and the Somebodies. Seriously, without the Beatles there would’ve been no bands as we know them.”

Vegetables_vegetab commented, “This is the correct answer. Would the Stones have been signed to Decca if they hadn’t been kicking themselves for passing up the Beatles? After all, ‘guitar groups were on the way out!'”

Zippy72 chimed in, “The Rolling Stones or The Who, maybe, is my best guess. The caveat to that being they’re both still around and still doing much the same as they ever did – you can’t really say the Beatles ever did the same thing twice.”

Scooterboy555 concluded, “In America? Probably no one (to the degree that the Beatles did). Remember, with very few small exceptions America did not embrace British musical acts back then. It took a year of Beatlemania in England before America even took notice.

My guess is that if the Beatles hadn’t existed, no other band would have caused such a ‘mania’ and America wouldn’t have had the British Invasion. The music scene would be very very different today.” Paul McCartney just revealed a ‘cruel’ George Harrison photo.