Vince Neil ‘Gains Muscle’ For Motley Crue Tour In Photo


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recently posted a photo of a workout aid himself and his girlfriend Rain Hannah have purchased, called ‘Body Octane: Clinically Dosed Performance Aid.’ A Motley Crue member revealed ‘bloated’ new photos before his 2020 tour.

Body Octane boosts muscular endurance, enhanced strength and performance, promotes fat loss, and it is caffeine and stimulant free. Neil bought the Strawberry Mango flavor, and Rain wrote, “Vince Neil getting us through the holiday shopping!! Thank you Mansports.”

Jeremy wrote in an Amazon review, “I’ve been taking this supp on & off since way back in the day when it was in the red container. Started trying & using MAN products since 2005 so I’m a long time fan of the company and it’s products. Always liked the taste, could feel a nice pump come on during weight training. Decent price point. Deducted 2 stars as it arrived in one large clump, really hard to break up therefore rendering proper dosage pretty much useless. Quality seems to have lessened over the years unfortunately.”

Joe chimed in, “You definitely don’t want to take a full scoop of this unless you’re used to it. I felt very light-headed and jittery for about 2 hours after taking it. My workout was awful the first time. Eventually I found the right dose for me. You don’t get that “kick” of energy like you do from pre-workouts with stimulants but this is better than some other stim-free products I’ve used.

I run around 6 miles a day before a light lifting workout. I feel it the most around mile 3 or 4 and lasts into my lift. Just wish it would give me more energy at the beginning without the dizziness or jitters. You also need to drink a lot of water with this which doesn’t work for me. I don’t like running on a stomach full of water.” Nikki Sixx revealed when Motley Crue are ‘done for good’ a few days ago.

  • Ed Haspadura

    I don’t think gaining muscle or losing weight is going to help the fact of the ridiculous prices these fools are trying to charge at their age. They should be back into the dive bars where they started giving back to the communities and still not trying to take.

    • David Hutchins

      You do realize these ticket prices are for four bands. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett. It is okay if these people eat right?

      • Gerry D. Lopez

        All these stories of muscle and great weight loss are accompanied by pix of his still fat face. I lost 210lbs with a gastric bypass and my face thinned substantially. Vince is still fat. If he’s so proud of this supposed weight loss, how about a full body pose??

      • Gerry D. Lopez

        I don’t know about Joan Jett but all the other band members are worth double digit millions. None of them are in fear of going hungry. Fuck the fans…its GREED that’s motivating this tour.

      • Gretchen Coe

        How about if the lead singer is able to remember the words to the song. Has the ability to sing the songs . Good luck Vince Neil

  • Chris

    I don’t think Vince needs to gain muscle but more importantly is to lose weight.

  • Austindave

    It’s hilarious. Seen him years ago at Freedomfest with his own band and he was so fat and out of shape that he made the audience sing every other verse because he was so out of breath.

    • Gretchen Coe

      I saw Vince Neil last May and he sucked ass .

  • Gretchen Coe

    I’m still waiting to see the photos of Vince Neil . I only saw one photo of his face .

  • Marc Tricomi

    I’m not sure what the hell I just read…

  • Chris Jordan

    Never pay top dollar to see a band where the singer, especially, is age 60 or older. What’s with all these bands who play their “final tour” and then waddle or wheelchair onto the stage a few years later? Is modern music that bad? A- pretty much.

  • Shane99

    Vince should really do a voice bootcamp or something. The man simply cannot sing anymore.

    The Worldwide Embarrassment Tour.