Paul McCartney Daughter Bends With Actor In Photo

Pic taken by Mary McCartney at the Desert Trip gig the other week that is now doing the rounds - It was her Instagram account - (LtoR - Stella, PMc, Mary) / Source: INTERNET

Holiday funday! The daughter of Paul McCartney, the remarkable and elegant Stella McCartney recently took social media via Instagram to share this star-studded photo of herself with former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and A-list late-night host, Jimmy Fallon. McCartney wrote about the incredible photo op stating: “It was a holiday Stellabration at our New York, Soho store last night, as we were joined by special guests.” Paul McCartney ‘worse’ paycheck than Elton John recently revealed.

In other news regarding Stella McCartney’s father, Paul McCartney, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of Sir Paul’s most landmark solo albums – McCartney II, originally released in 1980. One fan stated: “This is one of my favorite McCartney albums. I had it on vinyl when it came out so it’s an old friend tied to my own life. To think that he did all this alone in his home is hard to imagine. It’s easy to see that he could have been a drummer or keyboard player though his guitar playing owes a lot to Harrison and doesn’t pay as much attention to the sound quality of his guitar as maybe we would like. He was more focused on melody and the bigger picture of a song, understandable in a composer writ large more than an instrumentalist of any particular kind.”

The fan continued: “What stands out more than anything beyond the sheer inventiveness of the piece is the off-hand vocal genius of the man. Those who believe the “Paul is dead’ conspiracy have to swallow the idea that there were two guys in the world who could sing like this guy. Not likely. Listen to the joyous effortlessness of the stunning vocal performance of ‘Nobody Knows’. Almost a throwaway piece for him but such talent is rare, to say the least and certainly there might be imitators but no one could hit every note so cleanly and with his unique idioms of performance, derived from the days in Hamburg.”

The fan also said: “There’s only one Paul, the same guy who wrote and sang Yesterday and Eleanor Rigby and Hey Jude and Too Many People. This is him at home with a little downtime, some instruments, and a tape machine. And his talent. Put your cellphone down. Turn off the TV. Lights down, headphones. And listen for a little while as a transcendent genius takes you for a little trip. Thanks Paul.”