Bono Looks Sad At Restaurant With U2 Bandmate


The Philippines based outlet posted this lovely photo of U2 based comradery as the outlet took to social media via Twitter to share the band enjoying breakfast before their first show ever in Manila. You can view the photo below. U2 singer Bono ‘turned down’ by this famous man in photo.

In other news regarding U2 and Bono fans debated if the group’s popular and legendary single ‘Walk On’ should be retired from future setlist in a new topic within the U2 subreddit. As one U2 superfan kicked things off by saying: “It was written for now leader and genocide denier Aung San Suu Kyi. She has not acted against those in her government who led the genocide and has locked up journalist critics.”

U2 singer Bono reveals disturbing doctor news. To which another user responded: “Doesn’t mention her directly. They played Walk On as a 9/11 anthem as well. While there was that original intent I think it still holds up.”

Another fan replied: “It has already been retired. The dedication to her on the remaster of All That You Can’t Leave Behind is already deleted and looks like they will never play it again until she does something.”

Bono recently revealed U2 bandmate toilet video. While this Reddit user passionately put: “No; the song has a broader meaning aside from Aung San Suu Kyi. In the context of where the band was at when making ATYCLB [All That You Can’t Leave Behind] after Pop didn’t do well and the band returned back to basics, it’s a song that represents moving on from something after it doesn’t work out and knowing that there’s something better ahead that you can look forward to. Even more broadly, it’s just a great song that speaks of finding hope after hard times and letting that be your guiding light.”