Paul McCartney ‘Worse’ Paycheck Than Elton John Revealed


In shocking Paul McCartney finance news, freelance music publicist and SiriusXM Host Eric Alper recently took to social media via Twitter to post Billboard’s boxscore of top touring artists for the end of the year. The results are simply shocking, to say the least! While Paul McCartney does crack the top ten, he does not hit the top five, instead settling for the eighth position and raking in 113.7 mil for the year of 2019. Paul McCartney makes ‘the end’ announcement.

Other notables include Elton John and The Rolling Stones in the fourth and fifth spots respectively and both earning around 177 million dollars for the year. For those curious, folk-rocker Ed Sheeran earned the number one spot with 223.7 million dollars. The full list can be viewed below. This Paul McCartney sad ‘homeless’ video was recently revealed.

In other news regarding Paul McCartney fans of the legendary bassist recently took to social media to reflect on the legacy of McCartney’s highly acclaimed self-titled solo album, ‘McCartney’. One reviewer noted: “[This] solo album is extremely apt in this particular instance. Paul wrote all the music himself, he wrote all the lyrics himself, and with the exception of some minor contributions from his wife Linda, he played all of the instruments himself. He did most of the recording and engineering at home by himself and most of the production himself. A lot of it is very lighthearted and whimsical pop-rock, with a couple of great, what I would call experimental instrumentals. This is Paul McCartney doing what he does best, having fun with his amazing collection of musical abilities. He plays guitar: including bass, lead, rhythm, acoustic. He plays drums, piano, organ, and a couple of things I can’t identify. This is just a fun album to listen to particularly if you’re a Beatles and/or Paul McCartney fan and it includes his extremely popular love song “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

The reviewer also wrote: “It’s amazing that during a period when he was supposedly in deep, almost catatonic depression over Lennon’s announcement that he was leaving the Beatles that he was able to find within himself such fun, lighthearted musicality and bring it to life by himself. This is one of the twentieth century’s greatest rock/pop musicians making an album by himself for the first time ever and just having fun experimenting on his own.” McCartney left this massive tip at a restaurant the other day.