Slash Reveals If He Likes Josh Homme, Jack White & Tom Morello


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash discussed Queens of the Stone Age, Prophets of Rage, and Jack White in a new Reddit AMA. QOTSA and Prophets of Rage feature Josh Homme and Tom Morello respectively.

What are you listening to these days?

The new Paul McCartney record is pretty cool. There is a new record from Zeal and Ardor. The last Queens of the Stone Age record is pretty good. The new record from Prophets of Rage. I listen to a lot of Blues players from the three kings, BB King, and I listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Gary Clark Jr is cool. A lot of blues guitar. Jack White’s last record was good.

Hey Slash, as a fellow guitar player I’m a huge fan of your work. What made you originally decide to play a Les Paul and is it true that the Appetite guitar is not a real Gibson?

I think I was always attracted to Les Paul’s because I liked the way they looked originally. I liked the ways people who played Les Paul’s sounded. The first Les Paul I got my hands on was a copy. The longer I played I went through a bunch of different guitars through trial and error went back to Les Paul.

The Les Paul I used on Appetite for Destruction record and still use to this day in the studio is actually a handmade guitar by a guy – rest in peace – Chris Derrig, he used to make !959 Les Paul reissues or replicas. So that one he made in 1985 I think and it was given to me in 1986 or 1987. Gibson went on to make a replica of my replica. Gibson came out with a copy of a copy.