Paul McCartney Makes ‘Freaky’ John Lennon Claim


Paul McCartney revealed how he thinks it is ‘freaky’ magic that led to him meeting John Lennon and his other Beatles bandmates in a new interview with Al Roker. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Lennon taking a shot at McCartney’s romantic life was revealed yesterday.

Roker asked McCartney he still thought he’d be performing into his late 70’s.

“No, really no. From the perspective of youth, it’s a completely different thing from the perspective of older age. I keep using the word magic, which can sound a little bit sort of freaky (makes weird noise), but I do believe it is. How these four guys in Liverpool didn’t know each other, and how it worked so well, is magical.”

McCartney also revealed how he’d end fights with Lennon. Paul McCartney recently discussed improvising at soundchecks. Do you and the band still improvise at soundcheck?

Paul: Yeah, we do! We’ve got millions of them! And fortunately, there’s a guy in our team called Jamie, who logs them. And he tells me we’ve actually got thousands! Some of them are really good and occasionally I’ll pick one out and work on it. For ‘Egypt Station’, I picked one out, though we didn’t finish it. I picked one out and we’re kind of making a track around this riff from the soundcheck jam. ‘Cause it was like, “That was a good little riff!” But because they’re improvised they’re instant and then they’re gone. That’s part of the beauty of music. But it’s also sad when something great happens and it’s not captured so it gets lost…

Paul: Thankfully our stuff is captured because these days you can record just about anything that moves! So, our sound desk captures it and the guys there will make a note of that track: “That was kind of good!” And sometimes one of our security guys, Mike will say, “Hey boss, you know that song you did the other day, did you make that up?” I go, “Yeah!” And he’ll go, “Wow!” Because some of them are really good and they could fool you into thinking that’s a real song. When you pull it off, it’s nice. It’s a little treasure trove! And one day we will have to put together an album, or something, with a selection of these songs that we’ve gathered. Because they are from all around the world!