Bono ‘Offensive’ Woman Remark At U2 Show Revealed


We recently reported that Bono and U2 were booed at one of the group’s most recent international shows in Manila, Philippines due to the social message of what Bono was representing and defending Filipino-American journalist, Maria A. Ressa. In a follow-up to that story, some fans who attended the show took to social media via Twitter to post their disdain towards the politically active and conscious frontman – going so far as to allegedly claim and hint that Bono is a tax evader. Bono recently apologizes for this horrible U2 show mistake.

One Twitter user stated: “BAD TASTE: Bono of U2 featuring Maria Ressa in his concert leaves a bad taste in the mouth for many Filipinos. A widely unpopular figure being forced down your throat is not going to make Maria acceptable. We know her sins and she is beyond absolution. Pay your taxes, Maria!”

While another one said: “Turns out Bono of U2 and Maria Ressa has something in common. Same issue but in a different country. Tax Evader.”

Brad Pitt looked ‘miserable’ at a U2 show not too long ago. One Twitter user, however, did come towards the defense of the group however by writing: “U2 fans who are irked at Bono’s message to Duterte are not real fans. You shouldn’t expect him to be mum on human rights. Don’t be mad if you got a ticket and found out he’s not fond of Digong. You got something without knowing what you paid for. Just like your vote.”