Paul McCartney Rejects A-List Star: ‘I Don’t Give A Crap’


Rob Lowe told a hilarious story on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday about being rejected for a selfie by The Beatles icon Paul McCartney, but later changing his mind. Alternative Nation transcribed Lowe’s comments.

“If you want a picture with Paul McCartney, you need to wait right in front of the dressing room when he comes out, because he doesn’t, as I learned, he doesn’t do selfies. He came out, I saw him, he saw me, we greeted each other. I’m at a point now where I don’t give, excuse me, a crap. I’m going to get my photo. He’s Paul McCartney man.”

“I said, ‘Paul, I’ve got to have a selfie, can I do it?’ Here comes the bad impersonation: ‘Well I’m not really doing any selfies, I made it a rule.’ By the way I do a one man show, and when I do my McCartney, I’ve had people yell out, ‘He’s not from India!’ It’s not great.

“Then I said, ‘No, that’s fine, because that’s all you’d be doing tonight.’ He said, ‘Alright, just do it really quick.’”

He showed the photo and said, “It’s the hurry up face.”

“He was so sweet to do it, but he definitely wanted me to do it quick.”

You can watch the interview clip, including the Paul McCartney impersonation, below.