Layne Staley Sad Cocaine Demand In Hotel Revealed


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In this first episode of Season Two of “Dave’s Old Interview Tapes,” IndyStar reporter David Lindquist and guest Eric Klee Johnson (Monofiction, co-founder of the Pop Machine recording studio) discussed late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley asking him for cocaine, saying he could turn it into crack. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Eric: We were playing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this guy wonders in and says:

“I’m in town, my band’s playing”

Eric: I ask him ‘what band is that’ and he said:

“Alice in Chains”

Eric: Who were opening for Ozzy Osbourne, and so that night I basically stayed up all night meeting Layne Staley, Mike Starr and Zakk Wylde. Mike Inez I met the following day but he was not the bass player in Alice in Chains, he was the bass player for Ozzy Osbourne. You know, this is predictable on some level but I met Layne Staley in a hotel room and I had hair down to my waste, weighed one-hundred and thirty pounds. Layne said to me:

“If you have coke, I can make crack in five minutes.”

Eric: I said ‘I can’t help you brother’ because I may look crazy but I was actually drug free.

David: Did you get to meet Jerry [Cantrell]?

Eric: No, God I wish!