Paul McCartney Reveals What Woody Harrelson Did To Daughter


Paul McCartney‘s daughter – the incomparable Stella McCartney recently launched the first-ever Stella McCartney ‘Today for Tomorrow award. An honor that ‘champions the next generation of young activists in our ongoing fight against the climate crisis. Paul McCartney wife reveals ‘miserable’ Ringo Starr photo.

Paul McCartney recently revealed this horrible Prince death secret. Recently, the official Instagram account for Stella McCartney shared a video snippet from A-List actor Woody Harrison who took time out of his busy schedule convincingly parodying the former Vice President to nominate who he felt should be the nominate recipient of this award – professional activist, Greta Thunberg.

Harrison stated: “Hello I’m Woody Harrelson and I would like to nominate Greta Thunberg for the Stella McCartney ‘Today For Tomorrow’ award because she inspires people all over the world, people young and old care about this planet at a time when we most need it.”

McCartney had this to say about Harrison’s nomination of Thunberg. “Thank you, Greta Thunberg, for inspiring people all over the world to care about our planet. And thank you, Woody Harrelson, for your Stella McCartney Today For Tomorrow nomination! ⁣

In other news regarding Stella’s father, fans took to social media to reflect on McCartney’s latest studio album Egypt Station. The Beatles recently revealed if Paul McCartney was paid the most.

One fan said: “I Love the cover artwork on “Egypt Station,” Paul McCartney’s latest album. And all of the songs on the album are superb too, which is more than I can say for most of McCartney’s post-Beatles work. Ok, ok, he had a few singles over the years that were brilliant, i.e. “Mull of Kintyre,” “Hope of Deliverance,” but on the whole, I never thought his Wings and solo albums were all that great.”

The user continued: “Egypt Station” on the other hand is awesome! At times I can’t help but notice the Beatlesque aspect of the music, i.e. the guitar feedback reminiscent of “I Feel Fine” on “Who Cares,” the “A Day in the Life” is similarly segued in “Despite All Warnings” and the Abbey Road suite-like side two is hinted in “Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link.” Oh, for sure, there are a few silly love songs and a kumbaya peace song. Above all, “Egypt Station” is a conceptual album; it is a travelogue of sound-scapes as though one were stopping at one station/location after the other. That said, the album sounds fresh and contemporary. And despite McCartney’s voice is older (76 years young when it was recorded), he pulls it off with aplomb.”

The user concluded by saying: “Not convinced. Go to Spotify and give the album a listen. That’s what I did. I found it compelling enough to add it to my album collection, and that’s not something I do all that often anymore.”