Paul McCartney Savagely Calls Female Singer A ‘Punk’


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney revealed how he late wife Linda McCartney was a ‘punk’ when it came to her musical sensibilities, being a huge fan of punk rock. Paul revealed what Morrissey did to his wife yesterday.

He said in a live conversation, “As far as the singing was concerned, she liked to make up songs. She and I used to write little things together. Eventually, I sort of said to her, ‘Why don’t we make an album? Why don’t you make an album? You’ve got enough stuff now?’ So, she said, ‘Yeah!’ And so that’s what we did. She was friends with Carla Lane through her animal activism angle and Carla would sometimes write lyrics for her to say, ‘You think you can put this to music?’ So ‘The White Coated Man’ is one of those, and ‘Cow’. They’re very early animal activist pieces and way ahead of their time. Linda’s attitude was quite punk, she liked the punks.”

McCartney detailed being disrespected by a surprising young girl last week after proclaiming his fame. He later said, “Anyway, the point I was making was I was doing the roof. I was painting the roof and it was beautiful summer times. Beautiful summertime and beautiful summer days and we were listening to the ‘Tighten Up’ albums. So, we were hooked on reggae and we went to Jamaica. We had a little radio as we would sort of be on holiday sitting by the pool. The kids were little. It was very blissful times. There was a local radio station RJR, which you’d talk to Jamaican people about – I’m not sure it exists, but it might! But those were sort of the halcyon days. They would play fantastic music, and we were totally into it.

So, we knew Lee Perry from all of that. We knew he was one of the great local guys and there used to be this fantastic little record shop called ‘Tony’s’ on Fustic Road and you’d just go in there – it was in Montego Bay – and you’d go in and it would just be records, records, records! Everywhere! Mainly 45s. A lot of them just in white jackets with a white label. And someone had just taken a magic marker to it and written a title. I remember one of them being ‘Lick I Pipe’ and I’ve still got that! We would just get them to play them, and if we liked them, we’d have that one or we’d ask the assistant and say. ‘Is this any good?’ ‘Oh yeah, man! That’s great…!’ ‘Oh right, we’ll have it then!’ I bought quite a few!” McCartney revealed how he ended fights with Ringo Starr last week.