Green Day Singer Reveals Wife Swimsuit Photo


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong recently wished a very happy birthday to his wife,  Adrienne who he affectionately refers to as his “Libra”. In addition, the Green Day singer posted the following series of pictures, including one that you can see below along with the birthday wish originally sent out by Armstrong.  Billie Joe Armstrong revealed he broke down crying after recording a classic.

It’s impossible to text how much you mean to me.. happy bday to my libra ♎️. Love of my life. 80 please keep takin me away..

Howard Stern unloaded on Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong a couple of days ago. Armstrong recently discussed Green Day’s signature “American Idiot” single ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends on The Howard Stern Show. Telling “The King of All Media” in the interview the origin of the song’s title and where it comes from.

Armstrong: “I think it’s something that just stayed with me; the month of September being that anniversary that always is just, I don’t know, kind of a bummer,” Armstrong said to Stern shortly before the band’s performance of the song.

Armstrong: “But it’s weird. When things happen like that when you’re that young, it’s almost like life starts at year zero, or something like that.”

The Green Day singer later continued:

Armstrong: “I think about him every day, really. I kinda avoided writing about him for many years, and then finally having a breakthrough like that felt good. It wasn’t like a negative emotion so much, but it was just kind of like honoring him.” A Green Day member recently revealed how he went broke.