Paul McCartney Stunning Young Kids Video Revealed


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney did a book reading for his new ‘Hey Grandude!’ book on Friday in London, and he explained the meaning of the book to a group of young girls and boys. Paul McCartney’s daughter cried in an emotional photo she recently posted.

“One of them just said to me one day ‘Hey granddude’,” the former Beatle told a group of kids at the reading and signing in a bookstore on Friday.

“I thought ‘Oh, he said ‘hey granddude’. And I said ‘Wait a minute, you normally call me grandad’ and he said ‘No I like the sound of grandude’. So that is what inspired me to write the book.”

Paul McCartney’s heartbreaking final photo with John Lennon was revealed recently. Fan Kate Hardcastle brought her 3-year-old twins Jude and Martha, and she told Reuters, “I’ve been a Paul McCartney fan since I remember. My mum and dad were huge Beatles fans, and … the legacy’s carried on.”

“So, these are two of my three children, they are Martha and Jude named after the Beatles songs, and it’s just been a huge honour to be part of all today.”

GordJS posted on the Macca board, “Just had a look around Waterstones & got told the capacity is about 100 so it really is small.” Annika asked, “I wonder if that’s 100 total bodies, or just the adults. Because if most adults bring at least 1 child, it could get a bit crazy, haha!”

GordyJS responded, “There’s 3 of us here & so far no children. A few others are joining that don’t have children either.”

thenightfish posted, “My friends who were in the queue have met him but I have no other details. Our boardie Gordy was apparently first in the queue according to his Twitter feed, so he should also be done and is perhaps still somewhere on Cloud 9.” Paul McCartney making bizarre injury demands at a book signing was revealed earlier this week.