Steven Tyler Makes Aerosmith Quitting Announcement


Steven Tyler had his interview with Howard Stern aired on a vacation replay episode a couple of weeks ago, and Tyler revealed that Aerosmith bandmate Joey Kramer accused him of quitting the band for a solo career, and he had to sit them down to set them straight. Steven Tyler revealed recently what he smokes with his girlfriend. recapped: Howard said that the band has to be mad at him for putting out his solo album. Howard said Steven is going to do what he wants to do. Howard said they want him to themselves. Howard said they were angry about it. Steven said he had heard from Joey about some things that were said on the internet. He said that Joey said he thought he was quitting to go do country. Steven said he’s not going to quit that band. He said he loves being with his family.

He said he has his team and he wants to be with Aerosmith. He said that he loves being with his family and he should be angry at the guys getting angry at him but he’s not going to fight fire with fire. He said he is going to love them to death. He said he thinks they’re angry that he’s being successful with this project. Steven Tyler also revealed an A-list actor who abused heroin.

Howard asked why he didn’t give this song to Aerosmith. Steven said he’s done that for 40 years. He said that he was saving stuff for the band and he has never done a solo project before. He said Joe has done 6 and Brad has done 2. He said now they’re mad at him for doing one. He said it’s like ”Wait a minute…”

Howard asked if he sat the band down and told them that he’s not abandoning them. Steven said he has done that and he did it twice. He said that he’s not giving up the band. An Aerosmith ‘pathetic’ performance was ripped in a video recently.