Pearl Jam Guitarist Destroys Guitar In Angry Video


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready smashed his guitar at the band’s show in Amsterdam earlier this week.

Vito posted on the Ten Club board, “Well I think Mike is taking his frustrations out on this fucked up tour/world we currently live in…anyways glad they pulled it off and hoping for the best when they come home…hopefully no more hiccups especially my show in St.Louis which, looks to be very shaky right now…all the bs and complaining aside (absolutely me included) hope everyone has safe travels home and stay healthy! ❤️ to all my fellow JAMMERS and most of all OUR BAND!😎❤️🙏”

Jonbond1779 responded, “Back at the hotel and thinking about the night. My 3rd show of the tour. Never seen the Ziggo Dome so full! GA was packed in tight You could see Eddie wanted to give it everything tonight. Very cool setlist. My highlights were Pilate, Hard to Imagine was amazing. Footsteps and of course Purple Rain was insane! I was in shock when Mike totalled his guitar!

Ed was struggling toward the end but I gotta say…watching from tier 1 block 111 (great seats) the Pit and GA looked electric! Put UK GA to shame I have to say. Amazing atmosphere down there and all around the arena.

Great vibes. Thanks Amsterdam x.”