Pearl Jam Attack Republican Politics At Concert


During Pearl Jam concerts, fans often make their song requests known to their favorite musicians on stage and hope to hear them live. This interaction certainly adds a personal touch to the performance and creates a unique and memorable experience for both the audience and the artists. Recently during their show in Portland, the legendary band asked the audience for song requests. Well, the fans made some bold requests.

It has seemingly become a staple of the “Dark Matter” tour and yet again the band frontman Eddie Vedder, who previously sounded like 1991 wrote a note to the audience on an overhead projector before walking off stage to prepare for the encore at their show on Friday.

Song request

Previously in Vancouver, he used the opportunity to root for the Canucks hockey team in their quest for the Stanley Cup and this time he asked the audience whether they had any song requests, writing:

“Keep Portland weird-er than Seattle. Any Song requests?” Vedder then quickly erased the note, and instead requested his own:

“How about this for a request? More reasonable laws about gun access and safety… and less law about a woman’s body!!!”

It is not clear if they did take any requests from the audience. Thanks to SOLAT_Pod on Twitter/X for posting the pictures from the show.

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‘Dark Matter’

Pearl Jam recently made their comeback to the Billboard charts with their new album for the first in several years. Fans received the new album, ‘Dark Matter’ warmly and the title garnered rave reviews. However, in its second week on the Billboard charts, the album which was released in April this year, saw a sharp dip on every list it appeared on. It even fell off of at least one ranking it arrived on last time around.

It’s worth noting that the massive fall is most prominent on the Billboard 200. Dark Matter opened at No. 5 last week on the ranking of the most-consumed albums in the U.S. It garnered the second-loftiest debut and trailed Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department of course. Well, now it’s hanging on the list but it seems its days are numbered.

Pearl Jam charting performance

‘Dark Matter’ sits at No. 171 on the Billboard 200. That’s a decline of 165 spots most of the chart in a single downward movement. In its second frame of availability, Dark Matter shifted another 8,589 equivalent units. Well, it’s quite different from what Pearl Jam managed when they first premiered their latest album. That number has gone down more than 85% from one week to the next.

On the Top Album Sales chart, ‘Dark Matter’ has gone from No. 2 to No. 19. In week two, the legendary band’s new set sold another 5,324 copies down just under 90%. The latest effort from Pearl Jam is also falling on three genre-specific rankings.

The project made its debut triumphantly at No. 1 on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums, Top Alternative Albums, and Top Hard Rock Albums charts last week. However, things have changed drastically. It’s tumbled to No. 41 on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums tally. It’s down at No. 20 on the alternative list. On the Top Hard Rock Albums roster, it is hanging in there at the top 10 at No. 10.