Pearl Jam Confirm Horrible Concert Ticket Sales


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed only 60 to 70 fans attending the band’s first show at the Off Ramp Cafe in Seattle in a new Strombo Show interview on Apple Music. Pearl Jam just confirmed fall 2020 U.S. tour details.

“I remember it was probably… I mean, it couldn’t have been more than 70, 60 people there. And at that time, we were really trying to be as spontaneously pushing ourselves to kind of take chances. And Ed came up to rehearse with us for the first time we’d written four, three songs.

He sent us three songs that he sang over. So we had those and he came up to write some more songs and we decided at the end of that first week, we’re going to play a show.”

He also discussed the PJ VOTES 2020 campaign. Gossard said, “It’s building on a long history of us being active, going back to, dropping the park, registering voters in ’90… I don’t know what that was, ’92 or something like that. Here in Seattle, all the work that we’ve done in Montana, helping John Tester get elected to the Senate and getting to know him, registering voters 2018.

There, I think registered 4,000 voters. And at Grizzly Stadium, and I think maybe 90% of those folks voted. So we have, the way we can sort of connect with our fans and follow up and see their behavior in regards to the voting and stuff like that, it’s given us an understanding that we have the ability to connect and to affect some change.” Pearl Jam broke their silence a couple of days ago on Miley Cyrus covering “Just Breathe.”