Pearl Jam Break Silence On Miley Cyrus Drama


Pearl Jam have responded on Twitter to Miley Cyrus covering “Just Breathe” on MTV Unplugged. The band did a clapping emoji, endorsing the performance. This comes as no surprise after Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament played Temple of the Dog’s “Say Hello 2 Heaven” with Cyrus at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell memorial show in January 2019.

Many Pearl Jam fans have criticized the performance on the Ten Club board, but the band themselves seem to love the performance.

Tschav posted, “I was onboard until the :30 mark, then did that thing that goats do when they freeze and fall over.

if it wasn’t unplugged and the band was at the same intensity level I’d be less offended, but that was…”

MedozK wrote, “Prolly a good thing contemporary artist cover PJ, because before long the fanbase will twindle and young people will say ‘Pearl who? What did she sing?'”

Igotid88 added, “That’s what I’ve been saying. Especially when people here or on the FB groups don’t want PJ to do anything that will keep them in public view. Or us voting for them in polls or the like. But when they’re not in an RS or whatever list of top 100 of something they get upset.”

BloodMeridian80 said, “Glad she covered it, but imo, she has one trick vocally which is power and yelling in key creating a monotone palette of emotion. Vedder’s vocals on the song display and match a myriad of emotions in the lyric. I hope her fans take a listen to the PJ version, but it will probably fall on deaf ears.”

JeBurkhardt chimed in, “Not the worst thing I have ever heard. It sounds a little like Dolly Parton trying to do a Stevie Nicks impersonation.” Miley Cyrus wore a Pearl Jam shirt in a photo last year.