Pearl Jam Confirm Fall 2020 U.S. Tour Details


Pearl Jam had a fall 2020 tour planned in the United States leading up to the United States Presidential Election. The band originally had announced a spring tour to promote their new album Gigaton set in states like New York and California, but this fall tour would have seen performances in specific types of states.

Stone Gossard told WMMR, as reported by Alternative Nation, that the states on the fall tour would have been swing states, ones that are tight between President Trump and Joe Biden like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and maybe even Florida. Florida fans have been clamoring for more Pearl Jam shows in the last decade, though they were finally given shows in 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville.

Pearl Jam just reacted to Miley Cyrus cover them yesterday. Pearl Jam also streamed their 2016 Philadelphia performance featuring all of Ten to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

CJ260717 posted on the Ten Club board, “I was in Philly on the floor for this show. It is going to be fun to see again. Wonder if we can catch the crowd reaction when we all start to realize that the are playing all of Ten. “Once – that’s a very cool opener.” “Even Flow – man this band is blowing their wad early. The must have to be somewhere later.” “Alive as the third song – WTF. Wait a minute…”
All true statements.”

Drummer1 said, “Lol you guys!!! I couldn’t figure out how to play this show so I did a live chat and the chick that helped me was really great. At the end of the chat I said “PS. PJ is the best band in the world, you should totally watch this show“. And she goes, “I’ve actually seen them and I couldn’t agree more, they are the best band in the world“. The Fairhfull are everywhere!

Enjoy the show everyone. I’m going to be celebrating by watching it tomorrow night.”