Pearl Jam Debut Sequel To 90’s Grunge Classic


Photo: Danny Clinch

At their final 2018 show a few days ago at Fenway Park in Boston, Pearl Jam performed “Immortality II” as it was listed on the setlist. “Immortality” originally appeared on the band’s 1994 album Vitalogy. “Immortality II” featured the same instrumental arrangement as the original track obviously with live variations, but different lyrics.

The first two verse lyrics are changed, and last three lines were changed. The forums posted that it could be based on an early version of lyrics from the Orpheum show in 1994. Watch below. Do you like “Immortality” or Immortality II” better? Let us know in the comments section.

01. Given To Fly
02. Animal
03. Save You
04. Arms Aloft-(Bullen, Shields, Slattery, Stafford, Strummer) “arms aloft in Fenway Park”
05. Lightning Bolt
06. Red Mosquito w/ Danny Clinch on harmonica
07. I Am Mine
08. U
09. Even Flow
10. Immortality II
11. Taillights Fade-(Buffalo Tom) with Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom. Bill sings V1. Ed sings Ch1 and V2. Bill sings Ch2 and V3. both guys sing outro chorus.
12. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) :58 second tag (breakdown Ed starts a “Let’s go Red Sox” before the “All That’s Sacred”)
13. Nothingman
(Ed introduced the next guest Mark Guiliana. He played drums on Matt’s “Cavedweller” album.
Ed says the next song’s title was originally “voting is your superpower”)
14. Can’t Deny Me w/Mark Guiliana
15. Jeremy
16. Better Man Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 1:30 tag
17. Porch (Ed at the barricade singing with audience)

Encore Break
18. Thumbing My Way
19. Imagine-(Lennon)-Full Band (asks audience to hold up lights)
20. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
(Tells the audience that the winners of the Little League World Championship was the Hawaiian team. Booms wife is involved in the league on the island.)
21. Comatose
22. Go
23. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break Two

24. Smile
25. Wasted Reprise (Ed says he will miss the Green Monster but hopes to come back in late October. He thanks people involved with the Red Sox and Theo Epstein. He mentions John Martin on the Red Sox video team who was stricken with ALS. Ed mentions the charity helping Mr. Martin.
Ed continues to talk very emotionally.)
26. Life Wasted
Dirty Frank (instrumental only 30 seconds) The band teases Dirty Frank and Ed does a groovy little dance but they don’t get much past a few bars.
27. Dirty Water-(The Standells) w/ Bill Janovitz & Danny Clinch
28. Alive
29. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
30. Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner