Pearl Jam Drummer Debuts With Foo Fighters In Video


Foo Fighters were joined by Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith amongst other guests at the LA Taylor Hawkins tribute show. You can see video below.

J Towne 85 wrote in a review on Reddit, “I’m going to revisit the full show later but just wanted to put my overall thoughts down about the Foo’s set specifically.

1) The whole mood felt way more of a celebration of life and love, where Wembley felt like Taylor’s wake/public goodbye. The band themselves, seemed to be having a much better time with more smiles than looking like they were trying to get through it. It was really a joy to see them having fun playing their songs again, not just having fun during the covers.

2) Pink! Singing Taylor’s backing vocals on The Pretender was a surprise given that they didn’t have anyone sing his parts at Wembley, she killed her performance. Have to give kudos to Jon Theodore as well, I enjoyed his rendition over Barker’s tbh

3) Walk was extremely emotional for myself, I don’t know how Dave got through it without choking up given how this could really be the band (pardon the pun) learning to walk again.

4) I saw that Low was on the set list earlier in the day thanks to Chad’s ig story, but holy shit did Matt bring the energy.

5) I thoroughly enjoyed Run with Omar Hakim on the kit. It’s inclusion along with Low is what made it feel like a full blown rock show.

6) i can’t remember correctly if they did the breakdown in Best of You at Wembley or not, but Rufus going off on the fills will never get old. The fact that this was the only track they broke off of the studio version for leads me to believe even more that if they get going again, Rufus will be the guy. The chemistry between him and the Foo’s, already being a member of the Foo family and so many other pieces just seem to fit.

7) Shane, I love you dude. He is his father’s son and has all the talent in the world. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this kid because he will be a star if that’s what he chooses to do!

8) Chad wrapping up on Everlong was the only way it could end given their friendship, and tributes during RHCP’s tour. A beautiful but fitting touch to Taylor.

Overall the mood was much more joyous than subdued during the Foo’s set in my opinion. I don’t think this was goodbye, I think this was goodbye to the Foo Fighters with Taylor Hawkins. The whole time I could not shake the feeling that it was the end of a chapter, but not the book. The feeling of the show, coupled with Shifty’s comments really gives me hope for their future, and if/when that comes, I’ll be there.