Motley Crue Icon Reacts To Being Called Awful Singer


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx reacted to a drug company making a massive payout after a lawsuit in Oklahoma earlier this week, and Sixx talked further about drugs and the opioid epidemic with fans on social media. He also reacted to a fan who said he is a poor singer, and wanted to know why he decided to sing a song despite this.

Al Coholic asked, “You’re not much of a singer, and I’ve just been wondering what made you want to sing Rocketship for the record?”

Nikki responded, “Can’t really sing but it doesn’t stop me from writing melody lines. I think it was Tommy’s idea.”

SassyCJ tweeted to Sixx, “I live in Oklahoma. What we need is for doctors to stop handing it out like candy and programs put in place to help people recover. Sadly it is also being sold on the streets so when people can no longer get it from the doctor they turn to the street to get it.”

Nikki said, “So true. I’ll be on the news tomorrow night talking actually abou this subject.”

PoppaString tweeted him, “I used to look down upon addicts thinking they did it to themselves. Well, back in 2004 I developed an addiction to Percocet/Oxys. It was the most difficult time in my life getting clean. I talk about it to whoever will listen. U never know who needs to hear it.”

Sixx responded, “I’m happy you made it out. I once wrote a song called Don’t Laugh You Might Be Next.” Mick Mars called out a Motley Crue fraud a few days ago.