Pearl Jam Fans React To Concert Vaccine Requirement


Billboard and other outlets reported today that Ticketmaster will require fans to prove they are vaccinated or that they have tested negative for COVID-19 in the last 24 to 72 hours to attend a concert. Pearl Jam, who infamously boycotted Ticketmaster in the 90’s, are in tight business with Ticketmaster, even partnering with the company on selling tickets in new ways this year, later being forced to postpone to the tour to 2021.

RS65573 posted on the Ten Club board, “I had never thought about the logistics of it…can’t say I’m a fan of TM having any additional info on me. Wish PJ had killed that beast.”

Hihobibo responded, “Another hurdle for resellers, which is good, except when you legitimately need to get rid of tickets you can’t use.

What I don’t like is that this is just more data Ticketmaster can use to sell. I also assume they will want to access our phone’s GPS to see who is around who, to track us within the event while using the app.”

PJHawks said, “I don’t see that happening. The logistics of that will be a nightmare and will be a huge push back from the public.”

JimJam1982 wrote, “Seems like some good options. I won’t be getting a vaccine for at least 5 to 10 years so glad they have an option to do 24 to 48 ahead testing. Of course that should be covered by the ticketmaster/touring band and not extra out of pocket cost. Good luck to them trying to control and handle this at 50000 person plus stadium shows with a few ushers and a few cops. Better bring in SWAT.”

Long Red chimed in, “Sign me up. Excited for many people to refuse testing, which gives me a chance to, ya know, see PJ at MSG.”