Nine Inch Nails Fans ‘Ripped Off’ By Ticketmaster


Nine Inch Nails fans aren’t happy with Ticketmaster/Live Nation on the band’s Reddit page regarding upcoming tour dates.

MikeyFX posted, “Anyone else see this ticket tout bullshit on Live Nation today? I wasn’t able to get any tickets on any of the presales for this show. I was in the waiting room early for all of them and for todays sale, I was in right at the very start of the waiting room! (The Live Nation presale made me wait in line and then told me when the next sale was without a chance to buy any tickets) I’m now on the general public sale and every ticket is a resale!!

The most expensive I saw were over $1600 (good luck with that) I get that everyone is hurting and wants to be able to afford this. But the original price of the tickets was reasonable (I live in NYC so I know how expensive the same shows here can get) and the resale values are f*&%ing horrendous!! Sad thing is that I think the tickets will still sell out. It’s not fair or right though and I wish all of those opportunistic motherf**kers who have fan club membership, but clearly aren’t real fans, a very happy go f**k yourself. Rant over (for now).”

Vtbob88 responded, “It sucks and it’s why I hate Live Nation and Ticketmaster. They allow you to purchase and immediately put those tickets up for resale at ridiculous prices. Tried last week for pre-sale and today for general and got no tickets because I refuse to pay these resale prices.

Really miss when buying tickets directly from NIN site.”