Pearl Jam First 2022 U.S. Stadium Show Revealed?


One of the Pearl Jam fans ‘bossfan92’, recently posted on the forums that Fenway Park has submitted for concert permits from the city on some dates, and that could indicate upcoming Pearl Jam shows in Boston on August 18-20. (Source:

June 7-8

June 10

July 1-2

July 14-16

August 5-6 – Def Leppard/Motley Crue (rescheduled)

August 7

August 18-20

September 8 – Aerosmith (rescheduled)

September 10 – Red Hot Chili Peppers

It has been noted that subsequently announced shows that aren’t on that list are Zac Brown Band on 7/15 and Bad Bunny on 8/18.

Mike McCready opens up on Pearl Jam plans

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready recently opened up on Pearl Jam’s upcoming plans. He joined in for an interview with Guitar World in which he revealed that the band has lots of new material that is waiting to be released.

It has been noted that the band hasn’t released any new material since ‘Gigaton’ in March 2020, and the fans are excited to hear more about Pearl Jam’s plans in 2022. McCready was asked to share the upcoming tour plans, and he said they are planning to tour Europe and United States this summer, but that world circumstances could potentially block it from happening. The guitarist also mentioned their plan to dish out some music, as they have lots of new material to release. It’s unknown if this will be in the form of an album, EP, or singles. Pearl Jam have only released two studio albums in the last decade, with a new Eddie Vedder album also coming.

While talking about Pearl Jam’s future plans, Mike McCready told the following:

“And Pearl Jam, we hopefully will be touring in Europe in the summer and maybe in the States before that. With Omicron, who knows what’s going to go on? I hope we can release some music, because we have a lot of music that we haven’t put out.”