Pearl Jam Guitarist Defends President Joe Biden


PEARL JAM’s STONE GOSSARD calls DONALD TRUMP a “performance artist” and reflects on the state of the current presidential election.

In a new interview with NME, Gossard was asked whether he thinks Trump can “happen again,” to which he replied:

“I guess it’s possible. In a sense, Trump is a performance artist and there’s people that play along with his performance because it suits them in certain ways. I think in the end, I hope that they’re going to realize that it’s more serious than performance art.”

Pearl Jam guitarist on second Trump term

When asked about the possible consequences of another Trump term, Gossard remained somewhat hopeful that Trump would receive some pushback and not necessarily get everything he wants, saying:

“I always feel like equal and opposite energies bump up against each other and when something goes too far one way you unleash another energy that will take it back in a different direction, but you don’t know exactly how that’s gonna happen. I still think that’s going to be part of the equation, that if somehow he gets everything he wants he’s also going to be met with some force that he’s not expecting and it’s gonna shift it into some other direction. That’s the best I can hope for I guess.”

And as for his thoughts on President Biden? “I’m not an expert. I’m an armchair analyst. My guess is that when people look back on it, they’re gonna say that there’s some things that he did that weren’t being celebrated. I think there’s some subtlety to what he’s doing,” he said.