James Hetfield ‘Refusing’ To Leave Rehab For Metallica Leaks


James Hetfield status update! Rock and metal journalist Eddie Trunk on his SiriusXM show recently gave a status update on the health and condition of the Metallica frontman. Trunk revealed that Hetfield will be making a public appearance and was told that the Metallica singer was in rehab for awhile this time around. James Hetfield left this huge Metallica tip at a  restaurant recently.

Trunk also discussed and debated whether or not Hetfield after his rehab stay could handle the rigorous pressures of the group’s touring schedule in 2020, however later coincided that ‘different people handle things in different ways’. You can view Trunk’s comments, which Alternative Nation transcribed, below. Metallica ex-bassist calls out James Hetfield’s drinking.

Eddie Trunk: “As well as the fact that James [Hetfield] is going to make a public appearance since a very lengthy stay in rehab by the way, from what I’ve been told. So hopefully this has done the trick, he’s feeling good and healthy. I mean, Metallica has a pretty big run of shows lined up for this year and I think, you know, there’s probably a little bit of a concern that James wants to do them all and is going to be healthy enough. I mean, you can come out of rehab and worry about certain triggers if you’re battling some stuff.”

Trunk continued: “Different people handle that in different ways where they feel it’s really good to work, let me get out there and work and that’s helpful but then other people think: “Well the road isn’t a place that I should be if I’m battling.” We will see. It’s well known that whatever it was twenty years ago and it’s well documented that it took a long time for James to get back in the swing of things after he had some issues a ways back. We will see how this plays out because they have a very, very active schedule for 2020.” James Hetfield recently unloads on canceling Metallica tour for rehab.