Pearl Jam Hire Big Name For New Album In 2023


Reports have emerged that all five Pearl Jam members have recently crowded into Andrew Watt’s basement in Beverly Hills together and were playing face to face.

Andrew Watt is producing next Pearl Jam album

From a feature about Andrew Watt in The Envelope, a publication of the Los Angeles Times, it is noted that Watt is heavily involved in the production of Pearl Jam’s upcoming album.  Watt had previously worked in ‘Earthling’, a solo album from Eddie Vedder, released in February.

It read: “Andrew Watt is also deep into production on a new album with Pearl Jam, a personal favorite he’s seen perform live more than 30 times. All five band members have crowded into his [Beverly Hills] basement together, playing face to face. It follows Watt’s work on Earthling, a solo album from Eddie Vedder, released in February“.

Pearl Jam are rumored to play at Lollapalooza in South America, according to Twitter rumors. Fans are also speculating about more 2023 stadium shows on the Ten Club board. Pearl Jam has entertained millions of fans across the world over the years. However, they are more than a band. It is also a company that moves tons of equipment and people around the globe. It stands up and tears down events for tens of thousands of people in a day. In 2003, the band began looking at how to track and mitigate its large touring carbon footprint.

Since then, the band has made investments totaling over $1 million dollars to offset carbon emissions from touring, putting its money behind the philosophy that private business must acknowledge its role in climate change and voluntarily and substantially invest to accelerate the world’s shift to a renewable economic system.

In continuing their ongoing commitment to acknowledge and address the band’s carbon footprint, Pearl Jam has committed to paying $200 per ton of CO2 as its minimum continuing baseline for its “Gigaton” tour. Globally, the carbon offset market varies widely, with the average falling into $1-15 per ton.