Pearl Jam ‘Last Show’ Rumor Leaks, Are They Finished?


Pearl Jam are reportedly planning a summer 2020 European tour, but the final date will reportedly not be in London, contrary to a rumor, and a festival could end the tour. Mike McCready has also confirmed that Pearl Jam haven’t finished their new album.

bootlegger10 posted on the Ten Club board, “Lolla Paris is 7/18 and 7/19. What do we think? Good chance?”

Mrk2 responded, “Would they play two shows in different countries on back-to-back nights? Assuming London on the 19th.”

Bootlegger10 responded, “No way. Is Hyde Park pretty much determined it is the 19th? Didn’t remember seeing that. Has to be a weekend so yeah, probably unlikely that they would do both Lolla Paris and Hyde Park.”

Mrk2 shot back, “Well it hasn’t been stated that London is the end, just that there will be festival(s) at the end of tour. Could be London on Friday and Paris on Sunday. This would fit with the tour does not go logically, up down down up -hint.”

Pearl Jam insider Dimitrispearljam then said, “No one said London is the last.” KST then chimed in, “Last night SXM replayed the 7/17/18 London show which was the last European show. At the end of the show Ed said see you at Eurocup, we’ll be back…”

A rumored Eddie Vedder movie with an A-list star was revealed a few days ago. Mike McCready was asked by Rolling Stone a few days ago if Pearl Jam are booking dates for 2020. He said, “Nothing as of yet. I mean, I hope we can go out. I’m ready to play some music again with my guys and go out and do it. But we don’t have any plans as of yet. Right now, I’m doing stuff like this cool Johnny Cash thing I got to be involved in, and trying to keep busy. I’ve been helping my friends in this band Thunderpussy write some songs and I’m helping them with their second record right now.”

He said about the new Pearl Jam album, “We’ve been busy toiling in the studio on and off for seven years. We’re working at our own pace, and doing some music right now, and it’s cool and different and I’m excited about it. But we’re not finished with anything yet. So I wish I had an answer for you, but know that we are recording right now. We’re excited to be playing together again.” You can read the full interview at Rolling Stone.