Pearl Jam New Album Surprise Release Date Rumored


Pearl Jam are far enough along with their new album that they could release it in late 2019 if they’d like to, according to new rumors, though a 2020 tour is planned, with no 2019 shows in the works. dimitrispearljam reported new details on the new album and tour on the Ten Club board, and Alternative Nation edited his comments for clarity. Eddie Vedder made a major announcement with Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers members yesterday.

just_one said, “If the album drops in October/November: Small US tour in November
Australia (maybe also Japan) – January/early Feb, UNFORTUNATELY Europe – June/July (I say unfortunately because if they come here during this time, the Lisbon show will probably be a festival 🙁 . Would love for a European Tour during April/May US Tour – September.”

dimitrispearljam posted, “What’s the deal and as things look today, there are no shows in 2019, no matter when album will be out (Riot Act for example). Australia is not on in January, Europe isn’t a sure thing yet, USA tour is a different story….can’t say much at the moment how will play out….. there are no booked venues, or cities, yet..all are on working rumors about venues or cities at the moment are just rumors and not legit.”

ponner1us said, “If Riot Act is used as an example as Dimitri said, Riot Act was released November 12, 2002.”

dimitrispearljam responded, “I mean, the album can be released and the tour of the album can start next year. We will wait and see what band decides.”

The Pearl Jam tour announcement will ‘blow your mind.’ He later said, “What is impressive for me with Pearl Jam is this fact…we have this Pearl Jam fans Official Facebook page and daily I do a thread for band/artist of the day and we have a conversation. When I do the daily thread I put some info about the band, it’s crazy to think how many great bands broke up and have so many changes in members, and they all stopped making music, and our boys are going strong 30 years later with 4 of 5 original members still in. They will put out a new album soon and play 3 hours shows, and their quality is crazy good.

If u are a Pearl Jam fan, you are really lucky to be a fan of this band. I can’t even imagine how our lives would be if the band didn’t exist anymore…so, be excited of what’s coming up next..”