Pearl Jam Lose Big Payment At New York Concert


Pearl Jam had to pay a large fine for playing past curfew at Madison Square Garden in New York. Some fans speculated it was likely around $250,000.

Setlist via forum:
01. Release
02. Garden
{Discussion of the number of shows played and honored to be playing here on this date. He says there are a number of first responders at the show tonight}
03. Come Back
04. Present Tense
{“Could you feel that floor moving? That felt fucking great. Let’s keep doing that”}
05. Porch
{During Porch and altercation ensues. Ed has the band mellow out but not stop. Once the situation is taken care of the band continues}
06. Dissident
07. Given To Fly
08. Who Ever Said/Can’t Get No Satisfaction-(Jagger, Richards) 14 seconds in style of Devo
09. Even Flow
10. Seven O’Clock
11. Daughter/Chaise Longue-(Teasdale, Chambers) 25 second tag of the band Wet Leg
12. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
{Love for Boom Gaspar. Talks about how they met and his playing with band for 23 years}
13. I’m Open
14. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 2 min
{Before playing next song Ed sings “Hold Me Close Chloe Dancer/Count The Headlights on The Highway from Elton John’s Tiny Dancer. 10 seconds}
15. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
(That was for Andrew, This one is for Stiv)
16. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero)
{Mentions the first responders he got to meet with tonight}
17. Rearviewmirror
{Mike brutally abuses his tele on the floor stack PA}

Encore Break

{“We played an extra show in Canada so we could pay the fine to go over here at Madison Square Garden”}
18. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (to back of arena)
19. Why Go
“Let’s see if we can get the floor going again!” They succeed.
20. Do The Evolution
21. Purple Rain-(Prince) Ed sings v1, Josh sings the rest.
22. Alive
23. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
Chad Smith plays on Josh’s percussion kit
24. Star Spangled Banner/Mike McCready shredfest