Ozzy Osbourne Makes Out With Woman In Restaurant Photo


The official Instagram account for Ozzy Osbourne‘s lovely wife Sharon Osbourne shared this lovely photo of herself smooching her ‘rockin’ hubby, ‘Prince of Darkness’ and overall ‘Metal God’ himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon said about the photo, “Just out to dinner with my hubby.”

Fans also expressed their feelings about the two’s undying affection for one another. Noah_thegeek wrote: “The Prince and Princess of darkness! What an adorable husband and wife.”

Ozzy ‘begging’ for money was revealed not too long ago. Steve.kelly1018 replied: “Imagine seeing the Osbornes in a restaurant I would be the happiest human in existence.”

Pamelapooreedwards put “Awwwww such a beautiful and lovely picture of you guys. You are the best.”

Ozzy Osbourne recently took a vicious shot at his wife. Amy_billingsley_alhaig mentioned: “Sharon, I just adore you!! I love all your views on the talk. You are such inspiration! Your just the best. I love Ozzy’s music I’m so happy Post Malone introduced us to him to us.”

da_silvatony responded: “Just imagine sitting there eating and The Osborne’s eating across from you. It would be difficult not to say hello and take a photo.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s doctor recently revealed a terrifying ‘infection.’ Whereas Aca2you said: “It is lovely to see Ozzy’s eyeglasses off and his hair lighter. Only God knows what Sharon has been through! God bless them and their loved ones and friends!”