Pearl Jam Make Sad End Of 2022 Announcement


Sad news has just broke from the Pearl Jam camp as an era is coming to an end. Pearl Jam will be ending their run of ‘DEEP’ magazine. This came to a shock to a lot of fans who loved getting the magazines to read up on everything that they love about the band.

While there is no official word as to why this is happening – we do have some ideas. A Tweet was sent out which said: “DEEP magazine will be discontinued at the end of 2022. 2020-2022 members will receive the applicable DEEP magazines when they are available.”

The most obvious possibility is that magazines just aren’t selling like they used to. The news and media is no longer set by paper back articles, magazines, or books. Now, everyone gets their dose of reading and drama through social media or any other online avenues like you’re seeing here.

Another reason why the magazine might be going extinct is possibly due to low revenue and everyone involved pulling out. Pearl Jam as well as many bands suffered heavily over the last few years as the music industry took a hard strike. This may have caused somewhat of an aftershock affect that just totally crumbled any extra revenue that anyone was using to have ‘DEEP’ running so hard.

In any regard, it’s surely a sad day for Pearl Jam fans as this, other than inflated merch prices, was a way to hold something tangible and still have at their disposal in modern times. This does not seem like it’ll be the last magazine to take a hit either. With the way of news, we will most likely see many magazines start to pull the plug and move more-so into the cyber-space even if it’s 2022; some are still behind.