Dave Grohl Spotted Driving Ridiculous Car


In times like these, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl probably wishes he had a better ride! The Dave Grohl fan page, DiscoGrohl posted this delightful video of Grohl getting into this hideous and ridiculous mini van after a recent hotel stay. Foo Fighters dropped this Dave Grohl quitting bombshell recently. Is Grohl attempting to take his band mates to soccer practice? This Foo Fighters bandmate also revealed how much Dave Grohl pays them in a new interview.

You can see the full clip of Grohl getting into the lame ride below: 

In other Foo Fighters news, a fan on the Foo Fighters subreddit expressed his disappointment with the band’s recent live performance during Rock In Rio 2019.

rod-q documented his experience: “Hi folks, I’m a big fan of the Foo’s studio material. Yesterday I went to see them on Rock in rio and I was really bummed. Dave only played 17 songs in a 2 hour and a half concert. He wasted a shitload of time talking (stupid stuff like DO YOU WANNA HEAR 2 SONGS? 5 SONGS? and he did like twice), introducing the band, taking too long on intros and jams, screaming OOOH YEAAAAAH MOTHERFUCKERSS OOOH I LOVEEE YOOOU. He’s not even charismatic he just go repeating random stuff that he probably says every show. I think the show was 40% music, 60% dave talking. It could easily have been a 30 song show instead of a 17. He left Generator, Johnny Parker and This is a call off the concert – and they were on the leaked setlist. It almost feels like he’s procrastinating on stage. Please don’t downvote me if you disagree, it’s just my opinion, but I wanna hear from you, is anyone else bothered by this? Because people always say the Foos are amazing live but this is a massive downer, it lacks music.”

FrenchEnemies replied to the experience by stating: “Well it was never going to be a 30 songs show, his voice would be gone long before that. That’s the way they are live, especially at festivals I think. Most first-timers seem to really love it, the hardcore fans less so. If they’d left off both Generator and Hey JP off my setlist I’d be really bummed too, but that’s also what Dave tends to do – put deep cuts on the setlists and they either play them or not depending on his mood/reaction of the crowd, I guess.”

This Dave Grohl punching ‘Threat’ at a recent Foo Fighters show was just dropped. And Simon-FFL stated: “Things have definitely changed since the 90s, mostly down to simply aging. They aren’t as young as they once were, and Dave’s voice in particular evidently needs more rest. That’s what most of the breaks in the show are for. In the late nineties the average length of a song played live was just over 4 minutes, they could do 18-20 in 80 minutes, depending on the songs obviously, some are longer than others. In 2019 the songs are now averaging out at 7 minutes each, primarily because so many are extended to that length but also because of the drum solos, introduction jams etc. So yeah, there is no doubt things have changed, but is there anything they can do about it or is it just a natural result of their age and the strains touring for 18 months puts on you? Only the band can truly answer that.”