Stone Temple Pilots Leak Unheard Scott Weiland ‘Purple’ Song


Stone Temple Pilots have released the their first never before heard song since Scott Weiland‘s 2015 death, “She Knows Me Too Well.” The Beach Boys cover was recorded during the Purple sessions in 1994, and it is a demo with scratch vocals from Weiland, as the band never got to complete a fully recorded studio version. Howard Stern recently revealed why he still misses Scott Weiland.

STP released the “Only Dying” demo on the Core reissue in 2017. The song had leaked online well more than a decade prior, and Scott Weiland told Alternative Nation shortly before his death that the song was recorded in 1990, destroying any myths that STP were Grunge ripoffs.

STP’s surviving members have indicated that Weiland wanted to re-record the song for a canceled 2012 Core 20th anniversary reissue, but he was was fired and later died before that could happen, though the band have said that they are open to recording studio music around Weiland’s demo vocal in the future to honor their later singer. A Scott Weiland classic was recently disrespected at an STP show.

It’s unknown what unreleased material still have in the vaults that isn’t live material or unheard takes, as STP were famous for putting most of what they recorded on their albums, outside of some B-sides from No. 4 and Shangri-La Dee Da that leaked online in the early 2000’s. Scott Weiland also has unreleased material with the Wondergirls, and there are rumored to be solo demoes that were worked on just prior to his death. Scott Weiland showing up at a Pearl Jam show with big names was revealed a few weeks ago.