Pearl Jam Member Was Injured With The Black Crowes


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese posted on Facebook, “I recorded a lot of Pearl Jam drum tracks at Southern Tracks in Atlanta. I just was made aware to the fact that it has been bulldozed to the ground. Sad. As a side note, in the photo you can see the reflection of the basketball hoop. It was on this hoop, while playing a friendly game of horse with members of The Black Crowe’s, that I learned not to attempt a 360 layup while wearing Birkenstock’s. Ouch.”

The Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson recently spoke about his reunion with his brother Chris for a tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band’s classic debut album, 1990’s “Shake Your Money Maker”.

Rich Robinson opens up on possibly reuniting

Joining Chris and Rich in the new Black Crowes lineup are returning bassist Sven Pipien, who played with the band live from 1997 up until the band’s hiatus in 2015, along with Brian Griffin on drums, Joel Robinow on keyboards and Isaiah Mitchell on guitar.

While speaking to Australia’s The Rockpit, he was asked if he and Chris gave any consideration to the idea of bringing some of the other members of the classic The Black Crowes lineup for the current tour, Rich said: “No. We have Sven, and Sven’s been with us for 25 years. I met Sven when I was 14; he was in a rival Atlanta band. And Chris and Steve [Gorman, drums] lived with Sven when Chris first moved out, when he was 18 or whatever. So Sven’s been in our life for longer than Johnny Colt [bass] was, or even Steve for that matter. But he didn’t join till later… And Sven’s great.

“Chris and I decided… A family dynamic is difficult enough as it is, and a band becomes a second family,” he explained. “Some dynamics are really good and some dynamics can be really toxic. And with Steve in particular, but also Marc Ford [guitar] going back to his old ways, so to speak… which was the reason why I just put an end to [The] Magpie [Salute, Rich’s project with Marc], because I’m, like, ‘Look, I’m not doing this again,’ with going down that road. And then Steve, with his… He’s always been that way — manipulative and really trying to keep Chris and I apart. One time Steve told me the scariest thing to him was when Chris and I worked together and got along, and his quote was, ‘Because no one can stop you guys from what you wanted to do if you were together.’ And he just flat out said that one day. I’m, like, ‘Wow. That’s really kind of a weird thing to say. Why would you…?’

“We can account for ourselves and how Chris and I deal with each other and deal with our own triggers as brothers, but we can’t account for other people with negative agendas that bring their negativity to us,” Rich added. “And so if we got everyone back, it would be just a money grab and it would be just, like, ‘Let’s do this for one record and go away,’ because it would [inevitably] just fall apart because of everyone with their little petty bullshit.”