Blink-182 Member Reveals Tom DeLonge Texts After Firing


Tom DeLonge is officially back with Blink-182 today and it was noted that Matt Skiba has been let go. Reports have emerged that Blink 182 is set to perform at Lollapalooza Brazil in 2023, likely with Tom DeLonge back. Lollapalooza Brasil 2023 is getting closer and fans are eagerly waiting for the official announcements.

The event promises to have “the best line-up in the festival’s history” and it is quite possible that the three headliners have already been decided. Q101 has doubled down and stated that they were blowing Live Nation’s ‘nut’ on an upcoming Blink-182 tour announcement.

Amid this, it has come to light that domain registration was updated recently which has added to the hype of the band’s reunion with Tom DeLonge. The updated site also has Sony Music Entertainment as label. Amid these, Matt Skiba has shared his thoughts on the highly-awaited reunion.

Matt Skiba opens up on the blink-182 reunion

Tom thanked Matt for his time in the band in an open letter, and Matt shared his own statement in reply congratulating the band; “I am truly grateful for my time with blink and I am truly happy you guys are a band and a family again,” he wrote. He expanded further in a new interview with Vulture, where he said, “What’s happened between Tom and his bandmates is between them. I really am genuinely glad, as a fan of the band, that they’re a family again. There’s just a lot that I don’t know about the record. I saw the tour dates and everything. I saw the teaser video, which I thought was pretty cute and funny.”

“And it seems like it’s going to be huge. It seems like people are really psyched about it, and I’m one of those people too. I’m honored to have been asked to fill in for Tom or to join the band or however you want to phrase it. I’m proud of the work that I did with them. We had a great time. I mean, I was just talking to Mark this morning about the new Cormac McCarthy book. There’s no bad blood, there’s no drama, there’s no nothing. It’s just the next chapter in the band’s life.”

“And I think anyone, whether it’s my dad getting sick or Mark getting sick, it just sharpens your appreciation for those people in your lives, no matter how dinged up it can get. It’s like, it can always be ironed out. I’m nothing but thankful for my time with the band and to be sitting here having this conversation with you about it.”

About Tom’s open letter, Matt said to Vulture, “I think Tom is a genuinely good person. He’s always been nothing but kind and amazing to me. And he genuinely wrote me that, and we had a really beautiful, genuine conversation via text in response. He’s free to post everything he wants. I’m guessing it, more than anything, is to show everybody, and bless his heart for doing so, there isn’t any bad blood.

“There isn’t going to be any mud slinging or any of that kind of shit, not from me and I’m really glad not from them. There isn’t really any mud to sling. We’re all friends. We played music. None of us take each other or take ourselves that seriously. So I think him posting that, I guess you’d have to ask him. I would think it’s a clumsy way to clear the air. Is that a weird thing to say?”

He said there were more texts, “The conversation that we had, there’s a whole lot more to that than what he initially wrote that will remain between us.”