Pearl Jam Member Joins Guns N’ Roses At Show


Pearl Jam Online reported that on Saturday, October 14, Jeff Ament made his presence felt in the audience at the concert when Mudhoney played at the Zootown Arts Community Center in Missoula. The bassist wrote on his Instagram: “ Mudhoney are on tour and at their best. Go and see them! ”.

On the same day, but at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Mike McCready joined Guns N’ Roses on stage for the last song of their set, Paradise City.

Meanwhile, Paul Rodgers and his wife Cynthia recently appeared as guests on Appetite for Distortion and talked about seeking support from Slash and Jimmy Page for Rodgers’ solo album.

Cynthia initially recalled how Paul had played with Slash at an award ceremony and continued:

“Recently, Paul was playing at the CMTs to honor Gary Rossington from Lynyrd Skynyrd, and so we were in touch with Slash. I said to Slash, ‘So, are you going to do the CMT?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I committed because they said Paul was doing it.’ I said, ‘Well, we’re talking to them, but we hadn’t committed.’ He went, ‘Oh.’ I said, ‘No, no, if you’re committed, we’ll commit, too.’ So we went and saw him there.”

She then reflected on how they asked the GNR guitarist and Page’s help to promote Rodgers’ latest record, ‘Midnight Rose’:

“He’s a good man, and in fact, when we reached out to friends to put it out on social media about the release of the album, we reached out to Jimmy Page. We reached out to Slash and a few other people. Slash and Jimmy were the ones who jumped on board and really promoted it. Slash, in particular, really got behind this album. He’s a good friend.”